2022 Candidates

We have a long road to November, 2022, and our candidates need your help! 


Sign a petition, talk to your neighbors, donate to a campaign, put up a sign on your lawn, come to a rally, and especially VOTE on November 8th. 

Click on the Districts below to learn more about our candidates and check back often. Things change!

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Towns and Cities

Many local elected offices are up for election this year: look  below to see the offices that will be on the November 8th ballot. If you are interested in running for one of these elected positions, contact us! 

City of Geneva:
Councilmember 6th Ward

County Supervisor - 5th & 6th Wards

Town of Canandaigua                 Farmington

 Councilmember                          Town Justice

                                                     Highway Superintendent

Gorham                                       Hopewell

 Town Justice                               Town Justice

Manchester                                 Richmond

 Councilmember                           Town Clerk

 Town Justice


  Town Justice


In 2022, four elected offices will be on the November 8th ballot:

County Sheriff

County Treasurer

County Coroner (two offices to fill)

If you are interested in running for one of these elected positions, contact us! Nominating petitions must be filed with the Ontario County Board of Elections by April 7, 2022



Numerous state offices will be elected on November 8th.
These include:


Lt. Governor

Attorney General


Ontario County will elect one state Senator to begin their term on January 1, 2023:

Senate District 54


Ontario County will also elect two different Assembly members to begin their terms on January 1, 2023:

Assembly District 131

Assembly District 133


Declared Legislative Candidates:


On November 8th, Ontario County voters will chose new Congressional representatives for the following districts:



   (Geneva Town and City)


NY-24, The Lake District

  (Bristol, Canadice, Farmington, Gorham, Eastern Hopewell, Manchester, Naples, Phelps, Richmond, Seneca, South Bristol, West Bloomfield)


(City and Town of Canandaigua, East Bloomfield, Western Hopewell, Victor)

New York will also elect one Senator to Congress.

Declared Congressional Candidates:

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