Campaign 2018

America is at a critical turning point in 2018. The very future of our nation may be decided this year, and it will happen in the voting booths of our local communities.

Bold candidates have stepped forward to challenge the status quo and serve the citizens of Ontario County - here, in Albany, and in Washington.  Here are a few of them:


Back row:

  • Nate McMurray for Congress, NY-27

Front row, left-to-right:

  • Tracy Mitrano for Congress, NY-23

  • Jen Lunsford for NYS Senate, District 55

  • Kenan Baldridge for NYS Senate, District 54

  • Kevin Henderson for Ontario County Sheriff

First and foremost: VOTE!

The general election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

But don't stop there - you are MORE than a vote!

See the links on this page for information about our candidates in 2018.


It does not take much to make a difference, and a little goes a long way.  The best way to start is by just going to some campaign events near you.  Hear your candidates - ask them questions - and get to know them.  Take home what you learn and share the word with family and friends.  Encourage everyone to vote!  

If you worry about the state of our world and our nation, imagine how it will be if your efforts brings in a change you want.  You can make a difference - it is happening all over!

Statewide and federal elections
The Ontario County Democratic Committee is working vigorously to support the local, state, and Congressional candidates featured in these pages, ones who will serve the community in local offices and who will directly represent us in Albany and Washington. We also pledge to work on behalf of Democratic candidates for statewide and Federal office who will represent us as New Yorkers, and we do not take their election for granted.

New York State officials are playing a central role in today's national politics and will stand firmly to support the rule of law in our nation's highest offices -
if we choose the right onesThey must get our vote!
We proudly endorse these candidates in 2018:
Democratic Candidates for Statewide Offices
Democratic Candidates for Federal Offices