The Trump Presidency has been assault on American democracy.

Will you let it go on?

His own party will not hold him accountable. His supporters will not listen to reason. The right-wing media outlets will say anything to sustain his lies and his policies.  His campaign has tons of money, and he and his party are willing to let him win by any means - even illegally.


We are the only ones left now. 

Start by choosing your favorite of the the Democratic candidates.  You will get your chance to vote for him or her in the New York Democratic Primary on April 28th.  Here is a list of the current candidates (in alphabetical order) and information on how to contact them.

  • Joe Biden

  • Michael Bloomberg

  • Pete Buttigieg

  • Tulsi Gabbard

  • Amy Klobuchar

  • Bernie Sanders

  • Tom Steyer

  • Elizabeth Warren