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Members of the
Ontario County

Democratic Committee

Committee Officers





John Hurley, Victor

Candace Ryan, South Bristol

Dom Vedora, City of Geneva

Jim Campbell, Farmington

Bristol (NY-27, Sen 55)

   No members

Canadice (NY-27, Sen 55)

   No members

City of Canandaigua (NY-27, Sen 54)


Town of Canandaigua (NY-23/27, Sen 54)


East Bloomfield (NY-27, Sen 54)​

Town of Geneva (NY-23, Sen 54)


Gorham (NY-23, Sen 54)


East Bloomfield (NY-27, Sen 55)


Hopewell (NY-27, Sen 55)​

   No members​​

Manchester (NY-23, Sen 54)

Naples (NY-23/27, Sen 55)

   No members

Phelps (NY-23, Sen 54)

Richmond (NY-27, Sen 55)

   No members

Seneca (NY-23, Sen 54)

   No members

South Bristol (NY-27, Sen 55)

Victor (NY-27, Sen 55)


West Bloomfield (NY-27, Sen 55)

Elected Representation in Ontario County


Members of the Ontario County Democratic Committee are listed above by their towns or cities, along with the districts of Congress and the State Senate that contain them.  Our representation in Albany and Washington is described below:

New York State Assembly: Ontario County is represented in New York State Assembly district 131 (Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua).


New York State Senate: Each city and town in Ontario County is represented in New York State Senate districts 54 (Pamela Helming, R-Canandaigua) and 55 (Rich Funke, R-Fairport, Monroe County).

US House of Representatives: Each city and town in Ontario County is represented in Congressional districts NY-23 (Tom Reed, R-Corning, Steuben County) and NY-27 (vacant). The towns of Canandaigua and Naples each contain areas in both districts.

See below for listings of other elected officials.

For more information, go to Common Cause's website Find Your Representative.

Supervisors of Towns and Cities

(also members of the

Ontario County Board of Supervisors)

Bristol: Robert Green (R)
Canadice: Kristine Singer (R)
City of Canandaigua: David Baker (D)
City of Canandaigua: Richard Russell (R)
Town of Canandaigua: Cathy Menikotz (R)
East Bloomfield: Frederick Wille (R)
Farmington: Peter Ingalsbe (R)
City of Geneva: Gregory Bendzlowicz (R)
City of Geneva: Louis Guard (D)
City of Geneva: Dominick Vedora (D)
Town of Geneva: Mark Venuti (D)
Gorham: Frederick Lightfoote (R)
Hopewell: Ted Bateman (R)
Manchester: Jeffery Gallahan (R)
Naples: Tamara Hicks (R)
Phelps: Norman Teed (R)
Richmond: Caroline Sauers (R)
Seneca: Andrew Wickham (R)
South Bristol: Daniel Marshall (R)
West Bloomfield: Todd Campbell (R)
Victor: John Marren (R)

Elected State Officeholders

Assembly District 131: Brian Kolb (R-Canandaigua)

Senate District 54: Pamela Helming (R-Canandaigua)

Senate District 55: Rich Funke (R-Fairport)
Comptroller: Thomas DiNapoli (D)

Attorney General: Letitia James (D)
Lieutenant Governor: Kathy Hochul (D)

Governor: Andrew Cuomo (D)

Elected Federal Officeholders

Congress, NY-23: Tom Reed (R-Corning)

Congress, NY-27: VACANT

Senate: Chuck Schumer (D-Brooklyn)

Senate: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Brunswick)

Vice President: Mike Pence (R)

President: Donald Trump (R)

Last updated: 12/12/2019