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Stand with us!

Democrats in Ontario County are working hard to guarantee a sustainable environment; civil rights; equal access to affordable healthcare and a quality education; fair business opportunities, safety in our communities, and more.

We are 30,000 strong and counting.

Stand on the side of compassion, fairness, and decency.

Stand with us to make your world a better place for all.

Democrats Fight for the Issues Ontario County Cares About 

Blue Waters Kayak

Protecting our Environment

We fight to keep our lakes and waterways clean and algae-free; our woods pristine; our farmlands productive; and our waste disposal facilities compliant.

Voting Rights

Voters are being scrubbed from the rolls; make sure your registration is active!

High School Friends

Improving Education

From kindergarten through post-graduate studies, we fight for a quality education experience for all citizens and their children. 

Creating Jobs

We fight to create jobs that support a living wage and an  economy that benefits all Americans.


Civil Rights

We fight for racial equality, social justice, a woman's right to choose, and your right to feel safe in our home and on your street.

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