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We are changing the status quo.

More Democrats than Republicans are registering in Ontario County. More Democrats are running for office.

Local Republicans think they have a stronghold on our political offices. 


We are challenging them and holding them accountable.

We are standing up and making our voices heard.

We are changing the status quo in Ontario County!

Democrats Fight for the Issues our Residents Care About 

Blue Waters Kayak

Protecting our Environment

We fight to keep our lakes and waterways clean and algae-free; our woods pristine; our farmlands productive; and our waste disposal facilities compliant.

Equal Rights and Protections for ALL.

We fight for racial equality, social justice, a woman's right to choose, and your right to feel safe in your home and on your street.

Doctor and Patient

Affordable Healthcare

We fight for affordable and expanded healthcare and mental health support; lower prescription drug prices; and hospital service transparency. 

Voting Rights


Fair Share Taxation

It's time that the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

Hunters And Dog_edited.jpg

Common-Sense Gun Laws

We fight to protect your Second Amendment rights while keeping our schools, stores, and streets safe.

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