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2023 Candidates

We have a long road to November, 2023, and our candidates need your help! 


Donate to a campaign, put up a sign on your lawn, come to a rally, and make sure you VOTE!


  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Polls are open from 6am to 9pm

  • Early Voting Period is October 28, 2023 - November 5, 2023.

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Towns and Cities

More Democrats are running for more this year and we have a chance to make a real difference in our local governments. Please consider making a donation to the OCDC, and we'll be sure to support these candidates:

City of Canandaigua

     City Supervisor Wards 1 & 4:  David Baker

     City Supervisor Wards 2 & 3:  Nancy Yacci      

     Councilmember Ward 1:  Michael Mills      

     Councilmember Ward 2:  Guy Turchetti      

     Councilmember Ward 3:  Donna Cator      

     Councilmember Ward 4:  Erich Dittmar      


Town of Canandaigua

     Councilmember:  Karl Kania


City of Geneva:

     Mayor:  Jan Regan       

     City Supervisor Wards 1 & 2 to fill a vacancy: 

           James Kennedy

     Councilor Ward 1: Christopher Lavin

     Councilor Ward 2:  Cassie Sneider

     Councilor Ward 3:  Terri Brinson-Gwynn

     Councilor Ward 4:  RJ Rapoza

     Councilor Ward 5:  Wil Wolf

     Councilor Ward 6:  Scott Bowes

     Councilor at Large:  Ahmad Whitfield

     Councilor at Large:  John Brennan


Town of Geneva

     Councilmember:  Robert McCarthy



     Supervisor:  Fred Stresing     

     Councilmember:  Patricia Giordano   

     Councilmember:  Nancy Napurski       

     Superintendent of Highways:  Ronald Wilson, Sr.          

East Bloomfield

     Councilmember:  Stephen Lester     

     Justice:  Edward Kenyon 


     Councilmember:  David Shields    


     Supervisor: John Cowley    

     Councilmember:  Petra Page-Mann   

     Councilmember:  Danielle Tcholakian



     Councilmember:  Dennis Griffin

     Justice:  Barbara Harris

West Bloomfield

     Councilmember:  Vincent Salvati

     Justic:  Richard Whitesell


County Clerk

               Elizabeth "Liz" Yockel

County Coroner

               Nancy Augustine

               Laura Swarthout

Local and County


There are no state-level offices open for election in 2023.


There are no open national-level seats open for election in 2023.

State and Nationa
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