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Join Us

Together can we make the positive change we need in Ontario County. And we need your help! 

Want to stay connected to like-minded folks who want to build a better world? Sign up for our e-newsletter and learn about local events and news!


Want to learn how to volunteer your time? Even a half-hour every month can make a difference!


Want to tell your OCDC Representatives; Town Board Members; Town Supervisor; NYS Representatives; Member of Congress; and Senators how you feel about an issue or topic?


Want to stand up for your neighbors, your town, your community, with the support of Democrats and Independents? 


Want to register to vote, or check your registration to make sure you're still on the rolls?


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Want to give a few dollars to the Democratic organization or candidate of your choice?


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Show Up

90% of success is just showing up--when you show up for your local town board meetings you let your elected officials know that they are on notice to an attentive, participatory electorate. When you show up for a rally, you bring attention to important issues. When you show up, you can make a difference. 

We can send a BLUE representative to Congress. We can have BLUE seats at our local legislatures. It happens door by door, call by call, and rally by rally in each and every town throughout our county. 

Sign up for notifications and to learn more about how you can make our world a better place for all citizens!

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Speak Out

In an environment when disinformation is running rampant, it is incumbent on us to take every opportunity possible to speak out in our local communities.

Speak at your Town Board

or Supervisor's Meeting.

Contact your local, county,

state, and federal representatives.

Submit an OpEd to our local newspapers:

Show Up
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Run for Local Office

We need democrats to run in our rural county, and running is easier than you think! Better yet, we can help you get to where you want to go.  

Contact us to learn more about how to run for local office!

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When Democrats Vote, Democrats Win! 

Rural voters are swing voters and every vote counts. Some elections can be decided by just a few votes: just ask Nate McMurray of Grand Island, NY! He won his first race for Town Supervisor by just two votes--and lost his first congressional campaign by less than half of one percent.


We need your vote, and we need your help to turn out your family, friends, and neighbors out to vote, too.


Run for Office
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