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Democrats Call out Representative Tenney on Lies, Racist and Anti-Semitic Remarks

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y., July 11, 2024 – The Ontario County Democratic Committee (OCDC) condemns Representative Claudia Tenney’s (NY-24) recent conspiracy-theory-based public statements regarding President Joseph Biden and his administration.


Chair of the OCDC John Hurley said, “Tenney’s words are a symptom of deeply-held racist and antisemitic beliefs perpetuated by the Magaverse. We are calling out the lies she tells and we remain deeply troubled by her and GOP leaders’ ongoing assault on truth.”


Appearing on the right-wing broadcast network Newsmax, Tenney parroted dangerous conspiracy theories and extremist falsehoods by stating that President Obama and “globalists” are running our government. There is no evidence to this claim. Also, the Anti-Defamation League considers the term “globalist” as an “antisemitic dog whistle” and a “pejorative…codeword for Jews.” The term is frequently used by white supremacist groups; in a world where anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence is on the rise, there is no place for our elected leaders to fan the flames of hate.


The people of the 24th Congressional District deserve far better from their representative in Washington.


Ontario County Democrats agree with Democratic Congressional candidate Dave Wagenhauser, who noted that Tenney’s words divide friends and neighbors and distract voters from her woeful lack of accomplishments while serving in Congress. Indeed, Tenney has done little to improve the lives of residents of the 24th Congressional District.


Chairman Hurley continued, “Democrats stand squarely for the rights of all Americans to live peaceably, to enjoy opportunity, and to make their voices heard at the polls. Every person should be concerned with Representative Tenney’s ongoing detachment from reality and her continuing efforts to promote conspiracy theories and un-American values. On November 5th, we call on all Ontario County residents, especially disaffected Republicans, to show Representative Tenney that her language and actions have consequences.”


About the Ontario County Democratic Committee

The Ontario County Democratic Committee (OCDC) educates the public about democracy while recruiting and supporting Democrats to run for public office. OCDC stands on the side of compassion, fairness, and decency, and believes the government should serve all Americans equally. The organization promotes and works for affordable healthcare, clean air, clean water, the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, common-sense gun laws, and transparency in government. OCDC supports a woman’s right to choose, equal rights and protections for all, and the rule of law. For more information visit


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