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Who We Are

Local Democratic Committees send their representatives to the Ontario County Democratic Committee; as a group, we represent the interests, issues, and individuals that together make up the Democratic Party in the communities of our county. 

You can reach your OCDC representative directly using the links below as well as join the Facebook community of Democrats in your town. 

To sign up for notifications and to learn more about how you can help:


Local Democratic Committee Contacts

You are welcome to contact your local Democratic Committee Members with questions, concerns, support:

Bristol (NY Assembly-133)

Canadice (NY Assembly-133)

City of Canandaigua (NY Assembly-131)

  • Ryan Wilmer

  • Guy Turchetti

  • Maria Bucci

  • Julio Chavez-Olivera

  • Sim Covington

  • Jeff Gelinas

  • Danielle Lyon

  • Thomas Lyon

  • Ellen Polimeni

  • David Poteet

  • Elizabeth Poteet

  • Karen White

  • Thomas White


Town of Canandaigua (NY Assembly-131)

  • Jodi Kaufman

  • Laurel Baker

  • Lois Golbeck

  • Michael Parsons

  • Nancy Parsons

  • Alana Roberts

  • Susan Shaw

  • Keith Turner​


East Bloomfield (NY Assembly-133)​


Farmington (NY Assembly-133)

  • David Shields

  • Chris Godly

  • Denise Kasper

  • Cathy Post

  • John Scialdone

  • Michelle Scialdone

City of Geneva (NY Assembly-131)

  • Eileen McDonough Buckley

  • Stephanie Annear

  • Todd Beaton

  • Ken Camera

  • Larry Campbell

  • Tamarie Cataldo

  • Frank Cecere

  • Kathleen Cecere

  • Charlie Evangelista

  • Jessica Farrell

  • Geoffery Hellauer Geiger

  • Pete Gillotte

  • Kelly Hart

  • James Kennedy

  • Susanne McNally

  • Paul Passavant

  • Ann Rollo


Town of Geneva (NY Assembly-131)


Gorham (NY Assembly-131)

  • Trevor DeWall

  • Don Mussaw

  • Earle Plummer

  • Margaret White

Hopewell (NY Assembly-131)​

   No members​​

Manchester (NY Assembly-131)

  • John Tyo

  • Mary D'Amico

  • Karl Hixson

  • Bruce Rosekrans

  • Karen Rosekrans


Naples (NY Assembly-133)

  • Danielle Tcholakian

Phelps (NY Assembly-131)

  • Daniel Laurenza​

  • Ryan Davis

  • Jamie Hartwell

  • Laura Janas


Richmond NY Assembly-133)

  • Liz Yockel

  • Penny Gardner

  • Delores Griffin

  • Andrea McIntosh

  • Karen Sloane

  • Leonard Wildman


Seneca (NY Assembly-131)

  •  Leslie Bailey

South Bristol (NY Assembly-133)

Victor (NY Assembly-133)

  • Jennifer Kingsley Simons

  • Sharon Bunkenburg

  • John Hurley

  • Jennifer Tipton

West Bloomfield (NY Assembly-133)

  No members

John Hurley.jpg

County Democratic Committee Contacts

You are welcome to contact your Ontario County Committee Officers with questions, concerns, support:


Chair:                       John Hurley, Victor

Vice-Chair:               Lisa Moore, South Bristol

Treasurer:                 Tom White, City of Canandaigua

Secretary:                 Liz Yockel, Richmond

Make a donation and support our efforts!


Or make a donation the old fashioned way: send a check:

Ontario County Democratic Committee

c/o Treasurer
51 Cove Rd

Canandaigua, NY 14424

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