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We support these candidates!

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Steven Holden

Congress, NY-24

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Kenan Baldridge

NYS Senate 54

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Sara Spezzano

NYS Assembly 133

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Steve Slavny

Ontario County Sheriff

Steven Holden

Steve is not a politician; he's a regular guy who knows what it’s like to work hard. Steve’s a retired Army Lt. Colonel

who grew up on a dairy farm. He’s a middle-class family man of Native American heritage who has seen rural Americans left behind, while women and marginalized citizens are under attack. A business owner with a finance background he knows how to make a positive change for people in our district.

Steve will fight for common sense solutions that help all of us, not just a select few. 

Kenan Baldridge

Let's send a firefighter to the State Senate! Kenan is a versatile professional with over 40 year’s successful nonprofit and government management experience with expertise in turning around troubled organizations. He served as the Supervisor for the Town of Rose and as a member of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors, helping to oversee an annual budget of $172 million, and saved the Wayne County Nursing Home from privatization.

In Albany, Kenan can deliver what Ontario County and Senate District 54 has lacked for years - respected input on the legislation affecting our district and actually protects & nurtures both our residents and environment.

Sara Spezzano

Growing up in the 133rd Assembly District, Sara knows what an amazing area it is and chooses to raise her family here. She's running to find solutions to the many issues that we continue to face: properly funding education; ensuring everyone has quality affordable healthcare and access to mental health professionals; real access to broadband; and much more. As a Rural Democrat, Sara brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the Assembly Majority, and when she's elected she will make sure that our issues are acted upon and our interested protected.

Sara is endorsed by Eleanor's Legacy, New York's leading #ProWomen, #ProEqualRights organization dedicated to electing Democratic women to local office. When she is in the Assembly's Majority, Sara will help protect women's & girl's rights and freedoms.

Steve Slavny

A retired NY State Police sergeant and current school safety supervisor in Victor, Steve dedicated his life to public service and improving his community. By electing Steve, we're placing an experienced law enforcement professional in charge of Ontario County's most important public safety agency. Steve is that independent person with the proven skills needed to lead the department out of crisis; he is fully prepared on day one to protect and respect all residents of Ontario County.


We support these judicial candidates!

Roman Misula

Born in Ukraine, raised in Rochester, Roman has served as a county assistant district attorney and in private practice. He currently serves as an Assistant Conflict Defender in Livingston County.
As a judge, Roman will bring his unique life experiences to the bench, ensuring fair application of the law to all. 

Maroun Ajaka

A first-generation American, Maroun knows first hand the power of the American dream and fights daily to protect those same rights and privileges for others in our community. He has over 20 years experience in Family, County, and New York State Supreme Court and serves with distinction through private practice, handling civil, family, and criminal law cases.

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