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Democrats Endorse 2024 Candidates

The Ontario County Democratic Committee (OCDC) has announced its official endorsement of a slate of candidates running for local, state and federal office:


OCDC Chair John Hurley said, “The Biden Administration has delivered for the American people, and particularly for our residents, like lowering the cost of insulin, expanding overtime guarantees to workers, providing for over-the-counter birth control, and giving smaller food producers an economic boost. He, Ms. Harris and Ms. Gillibrand are the bulwark against Trump and his cronies; it’s vital that they are all voted back into office.”


Hurley added, “We are particularly hopeful that David Wagenhauser will unseat Claudia Tenney; she is an ardent Trump supporter and is a leader in the MAGA parade of those willing to destroy our democracy.”


Mr. Comegys and Ms. Walsh-Williams will be welcome voices at the table in Albany, and as Democrats, will accomplish more for their constituents than current minority-party Republicans who are unable to deliver for our region. And in Geneva, Mr. Salotto plans on helping the residents of Ward 6, the poorest in the city.

The Democratic Party remains committed to democracy and to the American People – ALL Americans, regardless of race, religious, sexual orientation or gender. Democrats stand for true freedom: to live freely, love freely, and decide freely. The Democratic Party is against insurrection or nullification; instead, it looks to bring more people to its coalition in support of policies that are pro-woman, pro-worker, pro-student, pro-healthcare, pro-safety, pro-environment, pro-growth, pro-opportunity, pro-America, and supported by a majority of Americans.


In direct opposition, today’s Republican Party is determined to allow a minority to dictate how Americans should live, work, love, and procreate. They are deadly serious about changing the very fabric of American government, as stated recently by Jack Posobeic at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C., “Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely,” and the Republican crowd cheered loud and long this anti-American pronouncement.


Hurley said, “Every citizen needs to step up and participate in the voting process; by voting for Democrats in November, you’re voting for American democracy.”

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